– Pushed, Pinned, Pounded Part 1 Milcah Halili & Lorelei Lee 2016 Flogging

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We aren ' t completely sure they knows exactly what they re becoming themself into, although milcah Halili has been eagerly awaiting having their live feed Real Time Bondage. This 's why we have decided to start them. We sit down, handcuffed to fellow model Lorelei Lee, also ask the both of them a couple questions about themselves. We get an notion about what they've attempted, exactly what they don ' t, and what they haven ' t, what they like. We will try out a bit of each on the both of them.We put Lorelei Lee into a metal barrel with just her head sticking out so that she can observe as our handlers have their pleasure abusing Milcah's human body. Two of our handlers stand on either side of them at them leaving red marks up and down them where their flesh has been stung and extract whips. Our handlers wrap Milcah's eyes , so that they cannot see if they are going to be shattered again.Matt catches a flogger and beats their tits and their pussy, which makes them pull against their throat rope and the brutal strappado their arms are pulled into. Then he uses a cane until there are a couple good lasting lumps for Milcah to take home at the end of the time together to beat their ass. It is time for both Milcah to take a breather so that they can be prepared and rested at the dungeon for the rest of their time. They’re nowhere near done yet.

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