Hardtied.com – Flexi-bitch Sarah Jane Ceylon & Elise Graves 2013 Brunette

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Sarah Jane Ceylon is one flexible little tart. In fact, Elise Graveshas taken into calling her Flexi-bitch. It is because not only can shebend into the most amazing positions, but in addition to that, beinguncomfortably bound makes her incredibly sexy. She loves to cum whenshe is tied up and contorted.Elise provides her that and more. She provides her the chance to submit tothe sort of extreme physical and psychological pain which haunts herdarkest dreams. It is the opportunity that Sarah Jane spends hernights both yearning for and stressing. She knew, walking , that oncethis amazing knowledge in submission was provided she wouldn’t beable to flip it down. Now she wonders if she could settle foranything less.

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