Divinebitches.com – Used and Abused, Leigh Raven.. Leigh Raven & Lance Hart 2018 Corporal Punishment

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Wearing black thigh-high latex stiletto boots, Leigh Raven dances for Lance Hart in a private room at the bar where she works. She puts Lance into a trance with her striking beauty. She shakes her ass he grabs his hard penis. Without believing, Lance slaps Leighs ass and reaches with a open hands. Leigh catches Lance tough by the top and turns around, pulls him close and leaves him apologize. Lance says hell do anything to make it up for her, so that she ties together his arms to the brass pole on stage behind his back. She sticks out a ball-gag in his mouth and explains that she has to do anything she wishes to him and through the ball gag he insists. Lances ball-gag is removed by leigh, leans back in a leather seat and lifts one of her wrists and tells him to wash her boots. He sucks on her stiletto heels licks at on her latex boots. She unzips her boots revealing her stockings and shoves her foot. To get dripping pre-cum on her point she slides her foot and humiliates him. She punishes him by kicking him in the balls. She makes him dancing for her while tied into the pole slaps his chest, and chokes him. She places him and then lifts a foot. Leigh grinds her pussy onto his mouthusing it. Within another scene, Lance is on all fours with his neck and Leigh is supporting him. She fucks his ass and makes him tell her how much he likes it. She flips him over and fucks his ass again. She strokes his penis with her dildo and he begs her to let him cum. Leigh stays on his face and says no strategy and grinds on Lances tongue. Next Lances hard cock to please her pussy and rides his dick till shes had multiple orgasms is used by her. She sucks his cock and rewards Lance, licking his dick until he blows his load all over himself.

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