Extrabigdicks.com – HEARTBREAKR: Part 3 Brett Bradley & Caleb Troy 2015 Smooth

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Here we are on another adventure with the dRenaissance. This time, Caleb is at a position than weve seen him. We find him in bed, smooching passionately with a new guy, called Brett Bradley.As Caleb lays with Brett in his arms, they get to know each other more intimately. We hear Caleb thinking to himself that this is a new feeling. Its a sense beyond mere physical bliss, though Calebs mouth is indeed watering for Bretts cock.When they kiss, Calebs mind swirls. Is this it? Could this be. . .love? The sensuous kissing contributes to some hot 69 action, subsequently to some dual cock-jerking. Caleb allows Brett put back and enjoy some deep sucking. Brett returns the favor by carrying Caleb big erection. Caleb strokes his dick while Brett bobs on the knob and reaches around Bretts lean body. By enabling him to slip his dick Brett strikes Caleb. Because Brett had explained that he never bottoms, caleb is astonished. He takes good advantage of the situation and pounds Brett difficult. First Brett takes Calebs prick whilst on his trunk, then so his meat can be ridden by Brett, Caleb lays . His thoughts raced that Brett was overwhelmed with all the feelings he had been, although caleb wasnt sure. Only time would tell. However, in case the fuck session that was amazing was any sign, something special was happening.

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