– Slave Initiation: piggy Part 2 Krysta Kaos & Lily LaBeau & Dylan Ryan 2012 Anal

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Slave was accepted for service to the home, but now she has to prove her value and try to entertain a crowd that was difficult with her sexual prowess. Piggy was given her slave name for an explanation: she is a well for pain and sexual abuse, but has a tendency forget her showmanship and to sub out. Since she writhes and cums in the center of a slave orgy she draws some attention to herself. James Deen is in attendance this nighttime, and quickly becomes indulgent anguish. To teach her a lesson, then The Pope and he proceed she may leave. Soon slave piggy has her pretty pink mouth stuffed with James ft her pussy and breasts clamped tight, and the whole audience tug on her while the senior slaves like Derrick Pierces cock.Once piggy has eventually come to realize that her pleasure is secondary to her value as entertainment, she is given one final opportunity to create Derrick Pierce cum.