– MW4W Rain DeGrey & Dee Williams & Matt Williams 2016 Chair Tie

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Following a divorce every girl seeks something somewhat different than that which she is accustomed to Rain and hurting is no different. She uses social media to find the perfect new knowledge in the kind of a couple looking for a submissive person to join them in some devious play. She answers the ad and finds herself in a position that might only be a little over her head. She isn´t only getting a little threesome actions like she might have been ready for. Rather they tie her up and use her mouth to suck cock and eat pussy and then they make her cum over and over while tied into their own banister.They aren´t done with her though. She’s tied into a rolling chair and become a fuck toy on wheels. They pass her back and forth using her pussy and making her cum more. Finally, they decide to keep her about, but perhaps not in the way she anticipated. She is now at their ceremony as sex-bot, maidservice, and living room furniture. Matt and Dee Williams understand just how to treat a lady.

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