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Jake and Brodie started their day off in a very playful mood and that always gets me excited since I never know exactly what to anticipate. Jake was jumping onto the punching bag (that really made me nervous) and Brodie was pretending to knock off with a pair of weights. They were laughing and joking and even pioneered a game of hacky sack. “So is this hot or what?” Jake asked, nearly astonished that I was being amused by seeing them wrapped the hacky sack round. “This is so sexy since I am just watching your junk bounce around. Im not even watching the hacky. Thats all I am looking at.” They knew precisely what I was speaking about. I dont understand if Jake was practicing the move that followed, but it just happened the ball somehow landed his crotch and Brodie appeared to know just what to do in that moment so I let them do it! They kissed and Jake worked on Brodies cock… and Jakes hairy butt was prepared to have a slamming. I love that Brodie never gets straight back! His cock rammed in and out of Jake and Jake took everything! They even managed to utilize a bit of workout gear to hang Jakes ass at the ideal angle to get fucking. The anal intercourse lasted as Jake hung on to the bench-press weight, arm pits perspiration, buttocks open and a single arm stroking his penis until Brodie fucked the cum out of him!

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