– Curtis, Calvin & Lance Calvin & Curtis & Lance 2011 Big Dick

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Curtis never stops to amaze me. His return was unexpected, and in the short time hes been back, hes were able to accept Ethans and Oscars formidable dicks! He has never been happier and has been getting his fill around here. He brought up his summertime adventure together with Rylan and Trey after his film. And that I could tell exactly what he was getting in… Curtis needed to get fucked by 2 guys again!Getting schedules synched up around here could be challenging. . Work and school is currently balancing and have the enough time to get away for a day or 2. So getting three men together (and also dicks big enough to meet Curtis) was a challenge! However, I needed to allow it to happen and was able to pull off it. Lance has been to get a time and Calvin is truly very good at fucking a wonderful ass and sucking cock. And they are all versatile. Assessing and done!They were very excited, their faces prepared to fuck and keen with anticipation all the way. The plan was to be certain Curtis got his brains fucked into the point of no return. But Calvin and Lance also have enjoyed so it changed all around, taking a good fucking. The new strategy? Everyone went to fuck someone!

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