– Cunty Part 2 Kay Kardia & London River 2015 Butt Plug

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We found a thing about London River a while back we had to discuss although we ll get back to Kay Kardia in a minute. You view, London hates being tickled. Truly that doesn't begin to explain it. She can t stand being tickled. She’ll do just about anything to avoid it. We didn't believe her at first, but if given the option between just a tiny bit of laughter or just a hell of a caning she jumped at the chance to feel the wood come back on her ass. She changed her mind but when Jack Hammer put his hands on her she began begging to get the rod. She ' ll get to enjoy the Sybian from the background if she can keep silent, while we turn our focus to Kay. The beauty may use a great flogging. Kay understands some options. Matt will choose the leather flogger at her request, for her belly or her tits. Sure, the tits hurt her more, but she gets to sense it caress from her nipples, while the leather slides away. A shot to the stomach is just pain. It probably feels a hell of a whole lot better than the whip. And our brand of plain water torture has become the worst. That is used by us during our interrogation and she’s prepared to tell us. And then comes that the puppy play!

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