– Party Time with Ava Devine 2012 Movies

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Last week was a girls night out and I had an amazing time. Claudia and I were invited by Ava Devine to attend a slumber party in celebration of her newly decorated bedroom. Ava and Claudia stripped down to their bras and pants and we decided that Claudia would be our object of affection. Claudia enjoyed sucking our juicy tits while we laid Claudia out. Claudia’s pussy was then fucked with a pink dildo. Claudia’s tongue was smacked up Avas sweet. Claudia and Ava both flipped me upside down and they were fiddling with my pussy using a dildo. Claudia and I also used a large black dildo for extra fun to get Avas’ tight sex. Wow, that was a great part! There were lots of pussy juice and ass juice, as well as tongues probing and ficking each other’s asses.

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