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Its one of my favourite times! Im having a unique celebration that is Spooktacular and all of my fellow ABDLs are encouraged! Im wearing an extremely close fitting white net body suit with Hell Yeah written on it in dripping red lettering, striped knee length socks, and on my little toes I’ve on some leather sneakers. My fingernails are painted pink, my lips are red, and I’ve on a sexy purple wig which definitely gives me a somewhat naughty appearance;-RRB- Under my mesh body suit, and also just visible through the cloth into the well educated eye, is a really snuggly Tena Slip Maxi. With a great deal of scary decorations adorning walls and my bedside table I’ve produced a corner in my own bedroom in which the celebration being hosted by Im. I have a friendly ghost, a spooky jack-o-lantern a few pumpkins, and I have signals hung up that say trick or treat and happy halloween. Ive even lit some candles that cast an eerie glow and then heighten the frightening ambience! Dare you connect me? ;-RRB- I have my penguin buddy Preston in attendance, and he’s currently getting into the spirit too, dressed in a cat outfit, an bowtie as well as complete with cats ears. I’ve got a yummy chocolate bat some refreshments prepared plus some chocolate milk that is yummy. Of course, this does mean that my bladder is going to be filling up if you understand what I am talking? ;-RRB- It wouldnt if I didnt let of my buddies, be a proper bash have a proper look at my Tena Slip Maxi that is beautiful, so I hitch my entire body suit and show it off. Im getting a terrific time, and I simply cant resist telling a ghost story that is chilling to get me into the mood and also to create my skin tingle and bring on the goose pimples. But the story I tell is quite eerie and the only thing thats tingling today is that my bladder, that seems like its ready to explode! I give into temptation and start the floodgates filling it and sending a steamy jet. I am able to believe it extend around me and grow, and also I take delight in squirming around and altering my position as far as noises! Now that Im all wet, I tell another story. Its exciting and more spooky than the original, but maybe Im just biased that I have the thrill of being strapped into something that is entirely drenched. This could be my very best party. There Might Not Be a Great Deal of tricks, but there are some snacks;)