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I open the doorway to some sexy MILF that barges in and whips out her DEA identification – Iacute;m Vicky Vixxx DEA representative she announces with an air of superiority. Acute, I &;m perplexed I don´t understand exactly what the DEA really is. She’s got the audacity to point her finger in my face tough to see with my husband to query him concerning Mafia action. The blonde gets uppity and lifts her voice to me. I grab my own taser and zap her great. Down the haughty Fed goes – onto the floor. I nab her DEA ID and catch some rope. Poor Vicky moans and squeals as I snap them together and push on her elbows with her back. Next includes her foot crammed into her thigh and roped XXXX her leg to bend uncomfortably. I put in a tight crotch rope giving the bitch a camel toe plus I XXXX her up unto her knees and then place a hand round her throat and a hand . Open up cunt! I shove a rag deeply into her big DEA mouth and wrap her mind again and again and over elastic bandage gagging her efficiently. She sobs into her gag and I frog tie her leg. Until I´m ended you´ll be begging to be the informant for the telescope! As I laugh in her face I unbutton her lace blouse and expose her tight braless tits groping and fondling her. One more item and that I &severe;ll be accomplished with one lady. I turn around and the bitch manages to sit up and grab my own taser. She zaps me and that I drop down onto the ground. The representative is determined to escape while she can and she struggles and wiggles her way to the front doorway dangling with her toes! Defeated she rolls over the door opens her. It&intense;s my big husband Anthony Peters! Inadequate bitch´s eyes widen in panic and he lifts her up by her bondage and carries her off…

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