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I find a lonely local widow looking for a date – rich of course!!! Naturally I think he will be an easy mark for my seductive charms. I wear a super hot tight shiny turquoise dress and stiletto high heels on our first date and begin my attempt to lure him in. I ask lots of questions about his financial status and carress and rub his body in an effort to get him hard and horny. Poor rich man all alone and lonely – I´ll take care of you daddy. Just move me in and hand me your assets and we´ll be just fine. He tells me he´s looking for a girlfriend, but he has special needs that she has to be into. OK … sure thing I say. Whatever it takes to land this wealthy sucker … He brings out some rope and brutally binds my elbows crushing them together behind my back. Ouch fucker I think but I turn my head to face him and show him a huge smile as if I´m actually enjoying this crap. A little kink – I can deal with that as long as he shares the wealth!!! He ties my wrists together and it is painful. How you gonna fuck me tied up like this sweetheart?? He tells me not to worry about it, this is what he enjoys. He shoves me down onto the couch and ties my stilettos on to my feet ankles together. I put my foot into his crotch and find him rock hard. OK – enough of the rope, let´s fuck babe. Instead he adds a brutal crotch rope splitting my pussy and ass in two. WTF??? This is more than I bargained for – he´s hurting me and I´m finding it difficult to pretend this is turning me on. I want to impress him and make him think I´m sexier and more into it than his ex wife when he shoves a huge ball gag into my mouth, I begin to lose momentum. He wraps a rope around my throat and asks me if he mentioned how his wife died … she choked out by accident!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! It´s all about the danger and excitement he says as he goat ropes me into a brutal breath restricting tie. Any movement of my feet causes the neck rope to tighten. My body spasms in the tight restrictive rope and I´m rolling around the floor trying to stay concious and breathing. The last thing I hear him say is "Don´t struggle too much. This is how accidents happen gold digger!!!!"