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Long legged beauty Alora Jaymes is naked on the ground at a hogtie. The rope is wrapped around her chest and shoulders and her elbows are welded. Her lower arms are tied down to her slender waist and the splitting crotch rope is attached to her chest. The legs and legs are obligated in parallel rope and ankles and her wrists meet at a tight hogtie. Alora´s toes are tied together with thin twine. Acute & she;s gagged with a ballgag along with also the spit runs out of severe & this pretty girl . Alora struggles hard and rolls on the ground but the bondage is insanely that none of the ropes budge. She moans and yells in pain for some time till I enter the space and grope her body that is . I tell her that the worst is yet to emerge as I yank on her head back by connecting the ring on her head harness to tied feet, putting her body into a arch. I have no winner… I leave the girl tied and discomfort in the tight hogtie.