– Undercover cop begs to cum in an.. Josh Peters 2015 Gag

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Officer Josh Peters can’t endure perverts. If he receives a situation on a noodle massage parlor run by Sebastian Keys and Christian Wilde,” Peters goes undercover to investigate. Because he strips down to his underwear because of his massage sebastian and also Christian creep on Officer Peters. They hatch a strategy and then place his badge. As they rub and knead Peters’ ass, they show that the ruse and strap him to the desk. Now at the perverts’ mercy, Peters can only moan as Sebastian and Christian run their hands all over his penis and feet. They plow his straight ass with a vibrator, leaving. Now flipped over, gagged and his nipples adorned using elbows, Sebastian provides a particular cock massage and also works the stud with a fleshjack. As Officer Peters is about to blow his load, then Christian strikes the clamps out of Peters and joins Sebastian in tickling their captive around. Peters is brought by them back to the ingestion and bind him bamboo and ropes. No longer thinking of anything but shooting a wad of thick cum, Josh fucks 2 hitachis held by Sebastian and receives more painful edges. With all the massage bringing to a near Sebastian eventually decides to provide the muscled hunk his happy end and milks out a gallon of hot jizz. The relief is short lived to the officer, but as Sebastian quickly rubs his sensitive cockhead while Christian holds down him. The pervs taunt Officer Peters because they walk outside, daring him to attract more of his cop buddies for one more session next week.

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