– Evening Romance with Erik Drda 2018 thirdparty

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Erik Drda lies on his back, reading his messages on his smartphone. He is joined by his girlfriend. The girlfriend proposes sex and they share a glass of wine. Erik says she is open to doing anything for him. He slouches back while ErikA gets on with her work. ErikA is suckling the dick as ErikA kisses him. Before lifting ErikA’s legs, she licks his balls and rubs his holes. He is then slapped a bit and she licks the hole. She then blindfolds ErikA with ErikA’s tie, and returns to the hot hole for ErikA to slip one finger in. Erik sighs as his genitals are being invaded. She finds small beads that she can push into the hole and then goes to bed. Next, she moves her focus to ErikA’s nupples and clamps them. The clothespins are next attached to ErikA’s cocks and balls. She then takes the clothes pins off Erik and places them on his legs. As the girl plays, he really gets the spanking. Soon, ErikA is getting a hook in her hole because of the way she fucks ErikA with her finger. After playing with Erik’s hole, she begins to seduce him once more. Erik is seated on a chair, and she moves him to the vibrator. After taking her perverse pleasures, she raises Erik and rubs the throbbing of his cock until it cums.

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