– Queen of Pain 2 Elise Graves 2013 Spider Gag

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Category: Humiliation

The issue with dangling down, as Elise Graves is quicklyfinding out, is the fact that it’s extremely disorienting. It is enoughwhen it is a suspension, however, she sees herself at the mercy of CydBlack, using a box around her, unable to see what he’s planningon performing to her buttocks and toes. They’ve seen abit of activity and she isn’t very ready for more.Cyd is not any more kind than he is patient. She believes that coming out ofthe box signifies something great should be going to happen. She can’timagine how things can get worse. Since Cyd can, it does not matter, however and she will be shown by him. The very best thing that is currently going tohappen involves getting vibrated until she’s screamingfor it to stop. After that it is going to be nothing but increasingtorments.The most barbarous part of her plight does not even look that bad, atfirst. The two chains that run to her are shortin either way to allow her get cozy. Within her bum is really a giantpear, and as she moves out of this series it pulls tight and pushesit. To her nose Cyd has attached another ring, sothat if she moves toward her back end it’s going to extend her septum.The pear in her buttocks keeps her from sitting down, the one on her mouthfrom lying on her face. And because of the box about her chest shecan’t even use her arms. It is painful, humiliating, andfrustrating to be so tender and so weak. All she could do is cry toherself and hope in order for it.