– Flying Frame Fright (Bonus) Lola 2010 Breast Groping

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The squeak of metal. She swings, strapped parallel to the floor. Her neck and torso are strapped tight. Arms and her legs are pulled through the grate, then folded backward, and repaired in position. Mr. Pogo slips into her cunt, fucking her. In her mouth. The grate, perfectly balanced, and pivots easily. Her mind angles down , her mouth at cock height.A flogger strikes her breasts, offering them a blush. The whip that slaps her pussy colors her labia rosy. He sits in front of your own face. Then the other, first 1 hole. It will not take long. She comes quickly, happy.Wooden stocks weigh on her wrists and throat. She stays on a bed of spikes. Once he sees her lips run down he gets hard. She laughs. But after she comes, when she can’t do exactly what he desires, she tears up.Doused in surplus, her balance centres upon one point only. Small attempt sets her in movement, back and forth.

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