Hogtied.com – Darling – Complete Edited Live Show Dee Williams 2013 Straight

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What can be said about Darling that hasn’t already been mentioned? She has an remarkable figure is tough, cums loves pain, and loves bondage. Live shows are constantly demanding for the rigger and the model and the show was no exception. In scene , Darling is perched along with her knees open and her breasts bound to her toes on a fuck box. Freezing ice cubes have been added to her panty while Claire delights in tormenting Darling with all the tazapper to trendy town. In scene 2, we subject Darling into the barbarous hogtie position one can endure. She cums readily from the pain. Through the spectacle Claire keeps hoisting her more and more until Darling fully suspends at the end as long as she can take it. Darling is obligated in a position. Mean straps are attached at exactly the same moment to nipples and her labia. Claire completely inserted Darling into the suspension where she receives her brains expertly fucked out of her and goes after her tender thighs and calves using the other cat.

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