Highperformancemen.com – Run-Down Dirty Landon Conrad & Matt Hart 2014 Hardcore

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Landons been waiting for the right moment and the right man to come by. Landon is in his truck rubbing his cock when he sees a sexy stranger by the name of Matt walking by and into a warehouse. Curious as to what Matt might be up to Landon waits til he walks inside and slowly creeps up to the warehouse door and lets himself in. Matt lays flat out on a grungy mattress and has a huge tear in the back of his pants. Landon sees it all and begins to rub himself while pulling out his thick hard dick. Slowly he creeps in and down to his knees and he then rubs the bare part of Matts ass which startles him. Horny now, Matt lies back down and lets Landon rip apart his jeans and he sticks two lubed up fingers into his ass. Moaning with pleasure Matt perks his ass up towards the fingers as they push deeper inside. Landon pulls out and starts to lick that ass from the base of the balls and into his succulent hole. Ready and willing to be fucked Landon rips off the jeans and gets out of his clothes and bends Matts round ass over and dives right in. Pounding his ass deep and hard you can see the enjoyment on Matts face every time that cock goes balls deep. Matt is a champ and rides Landons throbbing cock all the way to finishing line.