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Delirious Hunter has her sights. She has him tied by his wrists in position, ankles, cock and balls and covers his torso. Hooded, unable to view his Mistress, DJ waits anxiously, screaming those delicate clips round his chest. Delirious laughs at DJs pain, happy to see that her slaves chest flushing a glowing pink, and entertained. She delighted by his annoyance and back, flogs his torso after removing the clips. She brings a rubber slapper out and tenderizes his man flesh. However, Delirious doesnt only need DJs pain, she needs his ass gaping and wide around her cock. She gets him bound to a dolly therefore she can transfer him back and forth. DJ yelps as Delirious pounds his asshole. Her cock is deep in his ass that he didnt think straight. Afterward he cleans her cock with his mouth off and is rewarded by having to flavor his Mistress and ass. Now his ass is fucked open, Delirious determines to see her toy functions. She’s his tongue to cum hard. She bites on his cock before sliding it into her tight cunt that is powerful. DJ loses sucks his load at the sensation of the pussy that is glorious. Her muscles clench down on his cock as she rides him rough and hard to orgasm. Now shes it’s time to find out how much pleasure and pain his pathetic dick can take, cum. Delirious edges DJ as she rips her sleeves open and makes him worship her feet. As Delirious tugs on his cock without 11, DJ begs to cum. He spills around her palms, but Delicious isnt completed yet. She proceeds to stimulate his sensitive cock as DJ yells in pain, because she makes him take it thanking his Mistress.

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