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We have got a double-barreled surprise to you when newcomer Vanessa shows up on our site. To start with, shes got a nice pair of jugs underneath a showing small black gown, with its lattice-covered spade front. The feisty redhead gives us great views of her cleavage as she takes down her frock and shows us her lacy gloomy boulder-holder. She squeezes her hands over her buttocks, then takes down her bra straps and we watch her big-nipped melons to get a flash–then she pulls on her bra back on! Wotta tease!! No, Vanessa’s only kidding. She takes off the bra as Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews circle around her, shooting straight on and from beneath to highlight the shape of these knockeroonies. Vanessa’s learning fast how to squeeze her tits together and push teats toward our mouths. Kneeling on a chair, she flashes some great sideboob actions, then we get a peek at her ass crack through her thong–and holy shit, does she ever have a forest in there! But we are likely to need to wait a bit more for the entire kaboodle.Vanessa plays with her nipples, moisturizes and moisturizes them, and presses both boobs together like a nice tittie pie. In actuality, her floppers smushed along between her fingers almost form the form of a center, which makes sense. . .because here in DDFBusty.com, WE LOVE BOOBS!! Vanessa licks hers, then she pulls down her panties to give us a fuller look in the nest on her crotch. And we are talking a very hairy twatter here!! She tugs on the curls and they’re just like three inches in the front! The camera goes down to the ground for several non angles of her dark brown triangle, in addition to of her bells. When Vanessa squats, we view the real extent of her curly cunny crop. As we said before, even her bum crack is dark with hair. If you’re prepared for HAIR PIE with your HOOTERS, Vanessa is going to shoot until the top of your personal hit parade!! And she shows it all, particularly the pink virtually luminous involving the coat!! Read more

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