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Tara Holiday is too rich as she is beautiful. Taras out and about with Moe The Dragon and shes showing him a good time. Clothes, lease, shopping, etc.. . .its all on Taras tab as long as Moe keeps supplying that large black cock . Tara takes Moe back to the crib and its on! Moe and Tara rip at each other with gusto generally earmarked for wild animals. Tara falls on her cheeks and sucks a cock thats dwarfs any penis she got back in Chile. Moes freakishly big black penis takes its toll over the overseas cougars throat. Tara Holidays pussy is next on Moes”to do” list and thats exactly what he does. Moe shows no letting up as he destroys this cougars cunt. The sugar momma rides that black bull as her crying almost cracks the pricey sunglasses she just purchased him. Taras ordeal comes to a conclusion when Moes monster spits out a hefty helping of ghetto goo down her throat.

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