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Missy Munroe.

. .What an intriguing piece of ass! From her punk hair and glasses, to her ass that wont quit, one look and you know shes going to be a sizzler! The scene starts with Missy as a massage therapist with an itch for lots of dick, so she purposely novels that are double her 2:00 appointment together with the express intention of having her pussy stuffed with black meat. Following a small awkwardness from both clients, she starts sucking dicks like the craven whore she actually is and jumps right in! The noises that come from the mouth while shes pushing a dick seems more appropriate for a horror film than a movie that is whore, but Missy for ya! Then its sandwich moment, as they go through a run of positions along with her crying after orgasm! These 2 really give her insides a massageas they relentlessly pound her from both ends! Following shes dripping and ready, it’s time to break out the tricks, plus they give the vag stunt fuck to her! After her grab gets stretched for proportions that are Batcave, she kneels down and begs to get their loads to finish off with a wonderful jizz-dinner as a reward for her efforts. She completes the job by cleaning any cum which evaded her mouth off and eats to end another performance!