Wiredpussy.com – Wrong Place at the Wrong Time with Bobbi Starr 2012 straight

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Category: BDSM

Yasmine de Leon thought her wealth and privilege would give her the freedom to ignore the law. Yasmine did not expect to run into Bobbi Starr, Patrolwoman. Bobbi is a person who has a duty to serve and protect, and Yasmine doesn’t believe her pleas about her identity and husband’s reaction to the fact that she was caught breaking the law. It irks Bobbi even more. Bobbi shows Yasmine the reality of what it is like to be a 99 percenter, and she does so without contacting a lawyer or calling. Bobbi will use all of her resources to get a confession. Bobbi realizes that Yasmine requires more convincing than average perps (or maybe she just had a bad day), so she uses the most extreme methods to get a confession. Yasmine’s stuttering yelps won’t stop the BDSM. Bobbi makes Yasmine dance to electrical shocks, making sure she respects her authority. Bobbi slaps Yasmine’s sex with a strap-on brado and then frees her from electro bondage.

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