Wetandpissy.com – Kitty Saliery in Kitty Kitty Saliery 2016 Wet Toy

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Kitty stands tall along with her super short shorts. Shes of average height, but her slender body combined with her short shorts makes her appear taller than she actually is. Kitty opens using a double dose of wetting. Her first is with her shorts on and then through her panties after she sheds them. Kitty offers us a short rest sitting on the chair with her knees at the atmosphere once she is down for her bare figure – however she’s not done . She stands up and turns round, bending while spreading herself within the seat prolonging the duration of her piss. She gets the most out of this puddle left on the chair, licking the seat first dipping her hair in it, riding with her ass to it. She takes a tough pose, position while lifting the other on top of the fireplace. Having a corn fashion toy, then she appeases for her desires before sitting and pissing a series of streams. Returns to the leg to the fireplace pose yet another time, pissing quiet in the position.

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