Wasteland.com – Kat in a Cage 2019 Restraints

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Category: Bondage

Master Shadrack decides to do a bit of innovative structural engineering in this scene! After placing Kat to a large cage, he controls her capacity to maneuver with wooden poles, then proceeds to treat her into electro-stim to get her attention focused. Once she is fully submissive, he moves on to fucking her using an extremely ornate stone dildo and her favorite toy, then Dick On A Stick! Good Kitty Kat!About The Stone Dildo Used: A stylish twist on an ancient classic, the most Sen Kouros were created by a stone sculptor from the islands off the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. Every kouros is thoroughly wrought from good Italian marble, hand filed and sanded, and then sealed using natural, body protected sealants. Each kouros layout is inspired by the musicians enchantment with all the shapes of the human body and also the translation of those curves to classical sculpture. Those lines are stretched into every bit for a sensual, natural fit to the body and hand. The marble itself is warm to your signature and the fat balance of each slice provides rocking g-spot performance.

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