– The Devotion of Ash Iona Grace & Krysta Kaos & Lilla Katt 2011 The Pope

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Trainee ash has been through all five grueling days of training. The Pope has determined that rather than giving her away to some other Master she will be kept by him . Ash must establish her commitment in a test that has never been applied by the House prior to: permanent marking.Ash gets her lithe body strung up like meat for an whole party of visitors to peruse and fondle. Come the home slaves, until she is panting inspecting every inch of slave ashes using their tongues and hands. Finally the men of the home give her a excellent thumping to tenderize her prior to a sexual test.Enter Derrick Pierce along with Bobby Bends. These two men use her holes till she’s so helpless she forgets how to fuck and throw Ash around. To penalize her Ash is dragged off his cocks and made to watch while themselves satisfy by serving the guests blowjobs. Derrick and Bobby utilize almost every submissive slut in the room except ash.Once the men have contributed their loads into other girls and ash has been thoroughly humiliated, she is introduced to the tattoo artist to be permanently marked with a crest of their Pope. She tearfully accepts her evaluation along with the tattoo needle seals her place as slave to the Pope.