– Latex Slave Girl Anally Debased By Dick Hungry Governess with John Strong 2015 public

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Audrey Holiday, a new slave, is humiliated publicly with spanking and metal buttplugs. She’s also tied tightly with a large cock. Aiden Starr, who is hungry, jumps in to be a senior slave and steals all her cock. Audrey then takes a large cum load and starts to lick the mess. Stefanos sends one slave home, leaving behind only one slice of fresh meat and no senior slave. A further problem is that Governess Aiden Starr, who has been promised two slaves during her visit to the country, is also visiting. Audrey Holiday is a sultry, sexy Audrey Holiday. She quickly destroys her self-esteem and embarrasses her before the crowd. Audrey is forced to cum her legs with a heavy metal plus in her sex. She looks desperate and depressed within minutes. Aiden quickly spots a house guest with a tough dick and soon Audrey is sliding her red lips in a sloppy blowjob while Audrey cleans AidenAs underarms. The Governess allows Audrey to only use her boots to practice her strapping on and to continue fucking. AidenAs bouncing sex is a constant fascination for male guests. Audrey grovels underneath The Governess and Aiden allow Audrey to have a good butt fuck in a difficult rope situation. The kinky trio then follows with Audrey being licked by Aiden and fluffing her cock till she is full of orgasms.

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