– Two Submissive Sluts Tommy Pistol & Bobbi Dylan & Kimber Woods 2017 Role Play

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Tommy Pistol sits in his leather seat, picks up the telephone and orders two submissive sluts. Moments later a jingle of chains gets louder because James Mogul, holding two leashes, gradually approaches walking two sexy anal brunette sluts on Bobbi Dylan, Kimber Woods and all fours. Mogul orders them to rub each other’s pussies and has Kimber and Bobbi put on their knees. James offer them both matching clamps and flog them because they attempt to make another cum. The two are told to return to his hands and knees and Kimber’s mind is grabbed by James and burry’s it in the buttocks of Bobbi. Tommy claps his hands and the two come crawling on to his cock. Bobbi and Kimber work collectively with Tommy’s cock as James Mogul sticks a lineup every one of the pussies and smashes vibrators. Both shout muffled cries of bliss ones mouth filled with the balls and cock while they cum. We discover Bobbi Dylan with her wrists bound with rope spread studs, her little breasts suspended on her side by her tits and one foot. Tommy Pistol pounds Kimber’s pussy and fucks Bobbi’s pussy while James flogs and ass then moves . After both get fucked senseless at a suspension, they are taken down and Bobbi gets put on a back with her wrists bound behind her back and one foot attached directly in the air. Kimber woods bends while Kimber’s buttocks is fucked by Tommy and crawls on all fours. Bobbi and Kimber switch places and Tommy presses Bobbi’s face against the pussy of Kimber giving three holes to fuck to him.

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