– The Training of Sarah Jane.. Sarah Jane Ceylon & Isis Love 2007 Discipline

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Coaching ReportProgress Review trainee has shown able to succum to helplessness, being directed nude and merged . She is turned on when she is degraded and arranged into manual labor. She proves decided to train. Trainee reacts well to schooling and appears genuinely willing to submit and stick to a structured routine, however she does need immediate and harsh field when rules are broken.She appears to thrive on being applied as a piece of home, reacting well sexually. She possesses an extremely tight pussy and assher oral skills are good but she has a propensity. She does indeed orgasm from hard penetration, so her entire body lugging around the cock in a most satisfying fashion – good enough to earn a mattress to sleep because night.Trainee was kept overnight in the Armoryand her quarters crammed in the middle of the evening. Her response to her privacy being stripped away was marginally stoic but she performed for its whip and reacted well to a hard fuck and vibrator while tied in tight rope bondage.Training Aims:Instill focus and self disciplineImprove capability to remain present while being hurtBasic slave positionsBasic protocol – properly covering dominant, limited eye contactTrained to amuse with dirty storiesRecommendations: Continue her work in the dirt heap under Isis Love’s supervision. Order her into tail and the stocks her ass as Isis tests her ability to swallow her strap-on. Give her a comprehensive sexual exercise by ordering her to fuck and suck at exactly the same time, back and forth between the two dominants until she is orgasming out of hands with her face concealed in Isis’s starving, rough cunt and her pussy filled with cock that was hard. Her come and deliver her to her quarters to finish her diary.