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Lyla has been selected to match a particular look that Master Acworth has asked. It’s clear that we have a whole great deal of work when we plan on making this trainee to do. The day starts with upper body power testing. I want to understand how powerful mind and her body is. Your body will always wear out, but a solid mind can push just a little further.The day proceeds with sadistic bondage which inescapable to check her thoughts, by taking all hands away from her. As the scene continues, the bondage is manipulated to constantly get worse. Her pussy is then broken and by the end she can’t move at all and has a hook in her pussy retains her mind pulled tight.The closing scene checks her body. Fuck it for as long without being permitted to climax as she’s told and She’s made to squat on a dildo. She’s shaping up, however there is still a lot of work to do before she is ready to be known as a slave.