– Step Mom Cruel Punishments 2013

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Category: BDSM

Holly Halston masturbates in her bedroom wearing nothing more than a pair black sheer stockings. Holly masturbates until she feels like having an orgasm. Holly’s step-son is looking behind her doorway, attempting to escape the sight of his mother. Holly is done playing with her daildo, and she glances back at her. Holly looks behind her to see her step-son with the tiny cock jerking at her. Holly gets furious, and doesn’t even put on clothes. Holly grabs her step-son by the collar, and bends over to help him. Holly cannot help but laugh at her little step-son’s tiny arrogance. Holly spends the weekend stuck with her son, so Holly decides to give him a longer weekend. Holly will punish him with a string of harsh punishments, the first being a spanking. Holly holds her step-son down and spanks his bare bottom until he is red. Holly spanks her step-son nonstop until his ass is nice and red. Holly is constantly thinking of punishments she can give her step-son. Holly doesn’t stop spaying until she has come up with the next punishment to inflict her step-son.

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