– Hope Harper’s Pathetic Husband.. Hope Harper 2015 Masturbation

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Fuck her with a chindo strapped to his fuckhole, after having her excuse for a husband kiss her ass and suck her feet. Goddess Hope Harper decides to instruct her subby hubby what to do that with her 12 purple strap-on and how to provide a proper blowjob. Goddess Hope shoves her 12 in prick down his throat causing him to gag. As husband sucks her cock he begging’s to shout. Goddess Hope only goes down upon her fresh bitch and laughs as she state Honey this is where you belong, in your knees, sucking on my 12 cock while tears run down your pathetic lips, begging me to not divorce your helpless ass. Just wait for wait for what’s next, I’m not needing you lube up this cock for nothing.

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