– Flexible London River bound to a.. London River & Matt Williams & Jack Hammer 2015 Drool

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London River might be a newbie to the business, but she’s hit the floor running. After being in the industry for less then a month, she decided to try her hands in a shoot that was boygirl. She had chosen us to be her take, and she has chosen us to reduce her cherry together with us. We are happy to dish it out if she needs the dick. We’re givers like that.Not just is London excited and prepared to go, she brings an orgasmic superpower and odd flexibility to the table. There is only 1 thing to perform under circumstances like that-bend bolt she is fucked by a sybian in place between throat and these thighs until she could no longer get her eyes, her backward like a jackknife uncrossed. The tight breast bondage that thrusts her tits up towards the ceiling along with the rock tied to her neck is just the icing on the cake.The stage is set, and the action commences. In cases like this, by actions we mean just two rock hard cocks delivered into the rear part of her face. The drool destroys makeup and pours her upturned face down. It is a far better search for her, to tell the truth. London launches herself into sexual subspace. She wants it, she needs it, penis willingly conquers her. Every inch that pours her throat down takes her deeper to this area she likes to be.It is a shattered and twitching shell bent backwards with a vibrating sybian that we leave behind. London is gone. Toasted. Her eyes are glassy and remote, the lights are on but nobody’s home. Her face is sleek with her own throat juices and also the remains of her cosmetics that is pretty. This is the true definition of brokenup. London, you’re a natural!