– Marley Blaze Awaits Disgrace Tied.. Marley Blaze 2017 Spanking

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Waiting for my Master to appear tied against a post was extremely nerve racking. Theres no telling what he had planned for me. He convinced me that I needed a proper sexual disgrace for all my misdeeds. I took the time to think of my perverted actions. When he finally entered, he pushed my face aside. I wasnt allowed to look at him. He wanted my pussy wet so he grabbed a vibrator and teased my clit and lips. I got wet so fast. It must have been his fingers stretching my mouth open, tasting sweat and metal. He untied me from the wall and bent me over a crate. He spanked and rubbed my ass for awhile, making me believe it belonged to him. The next thing I knew I was on my back, a fucking machine on high speed between my legs and my Masters cock sliding in and out my deep throat. I was blinded by my own spit dealing with orgasm after orgasm.

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