– Stewart Stewart 2007 Jock

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Stewart is a friend of Derek."How do you guys know each other?" I asked."We were stationed together," he replied."Are you still active?""Yeah."Im always curious as to how these guys talk to each other about doing jerk-off films."How did he bring up the subject of doing dirty videos?" I asked."Dereks real open. He was laughing about it with a bunch of our buddies. Said he made a bunch of money for blowing his load on camera. It sounded like a good deal.""So you were interested then?" I asked."Yeah, but I had to wait until I got home. I still had a few months left to go."And thats how we met. Derek gave Stewart my number and told him to give me a call when he got stateside.What a cutie Stewart is! Hes 21 years old and straight. No girlfriend, though. And hes a runner.Thanks Derek!