– Spence & Samuel Samuel & Spence 2006 Twinks

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Ive been trying for Samuel to demonstrate on film some of the literary martial arts moves. I wished to have him straightened by Spence, who has become quite the fuck device. So, I thought it’d be a fantastic concept to begin the movie by having Samuel instruct Spence some moves.Well, Samuel actually liked Spence from the very first moment they met, and that I could tell he couldnt wait for the action to begin. We had informally planned that they would get naked and do some martial arts movements. It didnt quite go like that because after Spences penis came out from his underwear it instantly went into Samuels mouth!So, I let Samuel have some fun before subtly clearing my throat… then Samuel recalled the strategy and gave Spence a brief decrease that ended with Samuel in a handstand while Spence fingered his asshole in preparation for the main event.Samuel is truly a fantastic bottom and you could tell he likes it and the simple fact that hes so elastic which makes it all the more enjoyable. In fact, we were able to do some situation that Ive never completed before Samuel performing the splits while getting fucked!

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