– Rylan & Ken Ken & Rylan 2008 Anal

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Did we have a excellent time in our desert hotel home that is borrowed! It was our third day there and it was the center of summer. It had been so fucking hot the bugs were whining. The upside was that our boys were running around nude almost always. Theres a thing about the heat which makes young men very of the jokes during our stay was that everybody was sort donkey dick. OK, so perhaps”afraid” isnt the perfect word. It was like concern that they wouldnt be in a position to take it.On our first afternoon, Curtis took it as a pro and actually seemed to love it. So that it looked menacing, but I might still catch the men keeping an eye on the meat spat between Rylans legs as he walked naked around the home and pool!Ken knew that his time was coming and he was excited. He also Rylan was getting along really nicely and I could tell they were excited to fuck.However, Ken was somewhat worried that Rylan was going to tear him up.Long story short Ken was walking funny afterward!

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