– Phillip Phillip 2012 Behind The Scenes

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Phillip is from a former Soviet bloc country. He came to America in quest of adventure. “I believe that shift is very good, and Im not scared of changes,” he explained. “Well, of course, you moved to a whole new nation!” “Yes!” He said with a grin. “How many languages do you speak?” “Fluently, three. And I speak a few Polish also,” he replied. “It only helps to get around. “Although hes created the United States his home, he likes to travel. “Im only trying to learn a few French right now because Id really like to go to France. “Phillip is gay and then he came out shortly after turning 18. “When I was 18 I had five guys all together,” he informed me. “I came out and five men straight away! It was great! “Hes really sexual and he wasnt shy about exactly what he likes. “I enjoy very good oral if a guy can give quite good oral afterward thats a good and,” he said. “Likely deep throating. “On his sexual partners:”I want them to become elastic, move I can come from some other spot I want, from behind, from both sides from, you knowthe very best” “So youre a top, you want to fuck?” “I love to fuck!” He stated, then repeated:”I like to fuck. “Phillip has a nice uncut dick having a full bush. “How large do you get when you get hard?” “I think its approximately seven and a half… I dont know, Ive never quantified,” he said. “Normally, when I enter a man, hes like… that feels good, so I know its good. I dont need to quantify itper se.” “You judge their reactions?” “Yeah, I always estimate by the way, how they moan. “On how men react to his hairy chest:”They enjoy it. Ive never stinks, so that they prefer to sleep ,” he explained. “Afterwards, you know, once I cum and after they cum, then he just lays along with me, and places his head in my chest just like a small puppy. Its kind of pleasure, I enjoy it!”

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