– Glen & Kurt Glen & Kurt 2009 Anal

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Glen was enthusiastic about doing a flip-flop together with Kurt, however, he had any reservations.Like a lot of our guys who get fucked, Glen was concerned about Kurts cock. Mainly, he’d heard it had been big.Right before the shoot, he noticed that we had placed a few Magnum”XL” hens out to Kurt. Because we were getting ready he pulled me aside. “Is he really that large?” Glen asked. “Yeah,” I replied. “Hes a big boy” “Wow,” he said with his cute southern accent. “Once I was with Doug we didnt use those. Only the normal ones.” I advised him that getting fucked by Kurt was just half the equation and that he had been going for to fuck Kurt because well.He smiled. “Yeah,” he explained. “I havent done top yet. Im excited about this.” “Done top.” I love it!