– Blake & Kenny with Kenny 2005 Anal

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Blake was taking some time off from work to study abroad. Blake had taken a break for two weeks from his studies and wanted to shoot another photo with me, so he reached out. He had already blown Jaden’s mind, so I was keen to have him back. IA have always loved intellectual men with hot bodies. Blake fits the bill. HeA’s a bit of a bookworm but has a great body. Blake also loves long, dark haired men. Kenny agreed to take Blake out for brunch. It would have been fun to meet up and share some laughs. Both of them had a good time and were having a lot of fun after a couple of cups of coffee. Kenny looked better than ever and Blake wanted to change into his pants. After I stripped them at my studio they began to make out. Blake was a great rider and I didn’t need to show him any tricks.

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