– Training of H Part 6 Hazel Hypnotic 2012 Spike Chair

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Brace for it, If folks see pain they always. It helps them absorb the strikes a little. But when they are totally blind and many regions of their body are exposed there is not any method to prepare. That’s the situation Hazel Hypnotic finds herself when PD sits her down, ties her feet so he can cane her feet, and hooks electrodes to her pussy so that her tits are vulnerable. The iron case enclosing her skull is like an echo chamber. It might muffle her screams somewhat, but for her every one rings back to her ears, even louder than ever. The shadow, combined with the noise, intensifies the terror of the unknown. It might appear counter intuitive to deny ourselves the pleasure of seeing the ability and her reactions to fuck with her face. But there’s a method to our madness. When we let some light is going to be grateful. It’ll make her think things may get better. Taking that more will hurt than any other toy we have handy.

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