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The terrific outdoors offer lots of fun pursuits. Can we go? Or play a ball game? Nah. It s also the perfect weather for most tormenting the pig. We re really not that mean. We all do London all sorts of favors. For instance, after letting the pig wallow in the sand for a little, we do the favor of hanging out to dry. It ' s an extreme crucifixion, but we put the cross for her in the colour. If we were inside after all, she had been complaining of the heat, and we wouldn't need her becoming too hot until the grand finale. Nothing goes along with a summer party quite well as a pig roast. We get this swine begin her rotating over an open fire and loaded up on our spit. She ' s actually regretting coming out for a fresh air now, if she believed it was hot as hell inside of the barn. The cross and the lava pit both seem so inviting that she’s trapped in alloy bondage, just a couple inches over an open fire.

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