– Zane Anders vs Rikk York Rikk York & Zane Anders 2016 Straight

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In blue, Rikk York is ready to kick butt and then fuck Zane Anders straight into the mat. Zane, in crimson, feels just as cocky that will he will dominate the game and dominate Rikk’s buttocks. The studs collide at the first round, their tight tight jocks hardly holding their cocks set up. Zane is fast to mount Rikk and fuck his face, while Rikk uses his strong legs to snare Zane in several full nelsons. The sexy energy leaves both with raging boners since they enter the nude round. The winner comes out with a convincing guide and smothers his competitors face with his cock and buttocks. He drags the loser’s ass to a padded cell to knock the punk about and manhandle him. The failure gets fucked and fishhooked from the wall until he has thrown to ground for a rough pounding. The winner coats the victim’s face in cum that is successful and milks a load from the loser, adding to this mess all over the loser’s face.

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