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Custom vid, no name mentioned.This is a 2 part movie, both parts have been in this 20 minute scene. Two cum shots, the very first one a virtual hands launch the 2nd digital sex (virtual pussy licking with close up views & virtual fucking with me riding you to orgasm ).You would be the youthful prince in line for the throne. I am a dark priestess your father, the King, was enthralled with. I have been working my magic, seducing him being my puppet. Ive ordered for him to marry . Like I seduce you & talk about our wedding day since I stroke you off, sealing the deal.The 2nd area is our wedding night. I have gotten your parents out of now & the way you will rule as king with me from the side. I show the rest of my strategy as I seduce you & take your virginity. Before straddling your head a potion had been implemented by me for my pussy. You take in which potion & now impregnate me while licking at my pussy. This is your final fertile load, so all ejaculations after will be impotent. Ill be the only woman to create an heir to the throne, so strengthening my position of power & control.

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