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Gorgeous acute & rich daddy;s woman a couple that is perverted has recorded for ransom Sarah Brooke. The redhead beauty wakes up tied to a chair in an abandoned building. Poor Sarah is naked except for the strappy sandals laced around her knees. She gagged using a ballgag – her mind wrapped with layers of silver duct tape. The poor woman is lonely. She begins to struggle and looks around and sobs, but she is not heard by any 1 car. Her blue eyes widen in fear and frustration. After a very long time masked man Jim Hunter enters and asks her if intense;d & she like to become ungagged. Sarah pleads with him perplexed about why she was shot. He explains about the video and ransom calls her dad to show him his cherished daughter has been tormented. Sarah decides to purify the masked man promising him her entire body. He brings her and unties her legs. At this time I enter. I am the boss of the surgery and I am angry. I order that the guy to combine them to her wrists straight her spine painfully and to tie acute Sarah &; s legs and to gag her back again. After he leaves I begin to conquer at intense & Sarah;s butt with a leather paddle. Sarah screams through her gag and I laugh at her. I roll on her side and jolt her several times using a tazer watching her body convulse in spasms. I suck on her tits and mock her for using a moist pussy leave her for the evening. By throwing water on 14, I wake and return Sarah. I inform the girl that her dad still is not convinced to cover and we will need to escalate things. We hang prey that is helpless leaving her bound body dangled in the air. We movie chat her daddy and again he finally agrees to pay the ransom after seeing Sarah swing in this predicament and sobs. We move off to find the cash leaving the damsel dangling like a side of beef.

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