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Poor sexy redhead Sarah Brooke is struggling in a very tight chicken wing hogtie. She can barely roll side to side as we see the pain in her pretty face and she maneuvers her tight strong body in the strict bondage. I enter the room and tell Sarah that I´m really looking forward to playing with her a little today. I have thick electrical tape, clothespins and a tens unit with me. I show my captive these wonderful toys and she looks up with fear in her big blue eyes. I explain to Sarah that I will give her five mintues to free herself. If she manages this I will let her go and if she doesn´t escape the bondage I will torment her with hard electro shocks. I set the timer on my cell phone. I askk her if the challenge is too hard and of course she says yes. So I decide to help her by making the time easier to calculate. I remove her dirty gym socks and stuff them into her mouth then wrap tape around her head several times sealing the socks in. Then she gets a hard toe tie. I take four electrodes and attach two to each of her bare soles. I tell Sarah she will be able to estimate the five minutes better because every minute I will increase the intensity of the electricity. This will motivate Sarah on the one hand and on the other hand she will know how much time she has left. I put a clothespin on her nose to inhibit her breathing. I watch as helpless Sarah´s feet are getting electrified. With each minute the intensiity is turned up and Sarah´s feets are jerking and twitching like crazy. This is far too much movement to suit me so I attach her toe bondage to her thick posture collar pulling the toes painfully far to the head and her head is stretched back very hard! I grab the clothespin, put it on Sarah´s nose so that she can´t breathe. I jack up the current after the third and fourth minute. After the time is over I laugh at Sarah and insult her because she wasn´t tough enough to free herself within five minutes. I remind Sarah that you will now turn the tens unit to its maximum and leave her alone. Then she has infinite time to free herself. I laugh as I wrap her eyes with tape, put the clothespin back on her nose, turn the intensity of the electricity to a maximum and we watch Sarah squirm in pain struggling to free herself and escape the brutal bondage.

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