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I´ve been left tied brutally elbows to wrists and arched into a hogtie for several days while my captor is waiting for the ransom from my company. Filthy, sweaty, hungry left sobbing through my gag on a dirty cot. The masked captor returns and once again I am petrified. He bends down next to me to tell me that my company has paid and he will let me go. He takes me gag off and I am begging and pleading with him to remove the painful rope. My limbs are numb and I can´t take this another minute. He begins to untie my ankles and loosen the hogtie. I have a glimmer of hope, but this soon dissipate when he says he now has other plans for me!!!! He rips apart my pantyhose and he climbs on top of me and slowly removes my bright satin panties – sliding them down my thighs. I hear him unzip his pants and I realize what is about to happen. I scream and I am so scared. Noooooooooooooo!!!! Please mister, please anything but that. He brutally has his way with me and grunts and groans with his burly muscular body on top of my bound arms. I sob continuously and my eyes are wide open in agony and fear. He finishes and gets up for a few seconds. He comes back and continues to grope and manhandle my poor bound defenseless body. He kneels down next to me growling under his breath and wipes the sweat off his face. Suddenly he realizes that I saw his face! OMG!!! I know what this means – it´s over for me. Please please please I beg. I swear I didn´t see your face! But he knows I did. He shoves a huge red ball gag back into my mouth and wraps my head with duct tape over and over and over effectively silencing me. He is silent now too and I can feel my heart beating through my chest. He reattaches my ankles and then wraps the rope painfully across my throat putting me into a cruel choking goat rope. I am gurgling and trying so hard to breath, but my efforts are futile. He leaves me to suffer and my demise is inevitable.