– Roco Moric – Spanking Roco Moric & Ondra Matej 2018 Gay

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Roco Moric is just one muscle man that is hot-assed. He has forgotten that he should do something else, although we find him exercising. Ondra Matej arrives to take him. He makes Roco do some push ups and other exercises, and decides he needs punishing for lost his shift. He has him nude, and educates Roco for undressed. As he stands Roco feels Ondras hands slapping penis and his chest, and then he must perform more exercises. Him turns around and starts spanking his hot ass. His hand strikes on that bum, which makes it pleasant and red. Subsequently Roco turns and the hand begins hitting his chest again. Every time it lands Roco grimaces. His bum takes a whip into it and makes it marking before Ondra makes him kneel to the chair. Using the whip along with the palms actually make Roco feel his ass has gotten. With Roco is moved by that ass looking red and Ondra onto his backlegs up, or so as he spanks the hole is exposed. The ass is then started by two palms before a butt plug is taken by Ondra starts working it into Rocos tight buttocks. The hole becomes stretched great and that ass is red, and spotted as Roco finishes the punishment, even leaving Rocos humiliation to be that he’s to wank his cock and take his cum as Ondra towers over him. [Notice: The language in this movie is shameful ]

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